Monday, April 11, 2011

Where does the time go!?

Lately I feel like someone hit the fast forward button on my DVR of life! I cannot believe April is half way over, and we are already making plans for summer 2011! I feel like Claire was just 3 months old and I was counting down the months to her first birthday party, now here we are she is 15 months old and I am hoping to slow down time, because I cannot believe she is on her way to 2!!

We do have some big news to share, Claire's adoption should be finalized in the next 30 days, WOO HOOT!! We are thrilled. We meet with our attorney next week and will hopefully get our court date for finalization. It's been a long road, but definitely well worth it!

I mentioned that we are making plans for summer- we are once again headed off the the beach for 4th of July- Myrtle Beach that is- to spend a week with Grandma, or "ga ga" as Claire affectionately calls her and Papa. I can't wait I love the beach at 4th of July, the 4th is a really big deal in the South- so this is the perfect excuse to make sure Claire is decked out in a special patriotic outfit, can we say big bows and monograms- come on it's what the south is known for!!

I have been a bit of a slacker when it comes to uploading pictures, but thanks to my mom here is a family shot from our vacation last month to Los Cabos, we had a fantastic time, can't wait to go back!

Hope everyone is having a great spring, and getting ready for The Easter Bunny- who is coming soon. I usually host Easter dinner at our house, but this year we are thinking we will be going out with my dad and his family, sounds good to me, reservations were always my speciality!