Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Hero- My Husband!

There are days that I wake up and wonder how I ever got so lucky! If someone would have told me 3 years ago that I would be were I am in my life right now I would have told them they were crazy. John has been such a blessing in my life, I truly believe he was sent to me for a reason. We have had so many great times together, and some not so good, but through it all John gets me through it.

We have been trying to have a baby for about a year now, and oh how that frustrates me! Thanks God that John has remained so positve through it all! He's so cooperative through the process, he goes to the doctors when he needs to, he takes whatever medicine he needs to and he never complains!

Thank God I have him, I think I would loose my mind if it wasn't for John!

Update on my life

To all who would like an update on my life here it is. John and I are happily married and just had a great holiday season. We are looking forward to an awesome vacation in March, we are heading off to Cabo for some fun in the sun! We are still working on adding another member to the Sholtz family, and no we are not getting another dog. Daisy is enough to handle! I am talking about a baby!

After a devastating miscarriage last year we have moved forward and are working with a fertility specialist here in town, and I absolutely love our doctor! After many tests and many doctors appointments we were given the go ahead to begin treatment. We just began a cycle of Clomid, which is a drug that I take that stimulates my ovaries to work a little harder! I also am doing a HCG trigger shot, it was very scary I have never had to give myself a shot before. I survived it and it really wasn't that bad. I will do anything to have a baby.

Its so crazy I live my life in 2 week intervals, the 2 weeks waiting to ovulate and the 2 weeks waiting to see if I am pregnant, and then the waiting starts all over again! I just cant wait to see 2 lines on a pregnancy test.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers! I cannot wait until I can share our happy news with all our family and friends.