Monday, August 17, 2009

Are the Rancic's infertile?

I started watching the new reality how on the In Style network Giuliana and Bill- it follows the lives of Giuliana and Bill Rancic. Giuliana is the host of the E! news and Bill is the first winner of Donald Trump's The Apprentice. They have been married 2 years on September 1st. They are a super cute couple and their reality show is very real and funny. In the latest episode Giuliana is talking a young girl who is getting married and she tells her that Bills "thingings" don't swim and that's why they don't have kids yet. Now I know that that does not automatically mean that they are infertile, but to me it sure points to the fact that they are having problems conceiving. Giuliana just turned 35 and Bill is 38- so they are not getting any younger, they need to get cracking. Now it has been said that there is a big surprise that will be revealed during the finale, but if she was pregnant it would be all over the tabloids by now, that would be very hard to keep secret, considering the fact that the show was taped months ago.

I really wish celebrities would come out and be open about their battle with infertility. Brooke Shields, Sherri Shepard, Courtney Cox Arquette are just a few who have admitted to doing IVF to have their children. There there is the list of celebrities that we wonder about. Sarah Michelle Geller and her husband of 6 years Freddie Prinze Jr. are expecting their first child this fall- and it was been whispered that they have problems conceiving, same with Jennifer Lopez, but to date they are being hush hush.

In a way I understand not wanting to air your entire life to the public, but that is something that so many women suffer from, it would be nice to know that celebrities are going through it as well.

I am interested to see where the show with Giuliana and Bill goes, but for now we will just have to wonder!

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