Thursday, March 20, 2008

Moving on

Well, we just returned from an great trip to Cabo! Beauitful weather, and spa treatments, who could ask for more! We are still working on trying to have a baby, our 2nd cycle of Clomid failed, but we are moving forward with more treatment. We have to take the month of March off, so we will try on our own (no drugs!) and then decide what to do next when we see our doctor in April.

I am very optimistic, I know that John and I are meant to be parents, and its just a matter of waiting until its our time. I recently came across a quote that a girl I know told me,

"Your God is big, and He has a big plan for you.. and one day you'll see... that plan will call you mommy"

I love it! This sums up my life perfectly. There are reasons that John and I are not parents yet, and our time will come.