Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick to have twins!

So this was the news headline on People.com tonight and I have to admit I am super exicted for them. I absolutely LOVE Sarah Jessica Parker- partly because I am a huge Sex and the City fan, but becasue they seem like they are such real people and real parents. I also love that they came out and admitted that they are using a surrogate.

My personal favorite was the comments that people were making on people.com, stuff like "why don't they just adopt" or "why did she use a surrogate?" "is she too vain to get pregnant?" And my personal favorite, "I hope its their egg and sperm, otherwise it's not fair to the kid".
I seriously wanted to kill those people. First off, freaking be happy for them, they admitted that they have had trouble concieving since the birth of thier son, James Wilkie 6 years ago. Hello people she is 44 and he 47- getting pregnant at 44 is not an easy task! It has nothing to do with being too vain to carry her own child. GET REAL!!
I would be interested to know if they were SJP's eggs, just the fact that she is 44 her eggs cannot be in the best shape, if they are donor eggs, good for them, and if they are not good for them as well.

People have no idea what it takes to form a family, and they need to learn to keep their comments to themselves. These twin girls were concieved out of love, and lots of blood, sweat, and tears. Good for them! I just hope they use this as an opportunity to tell their story and encourage and inspire others!

I would be interested to know


Anonymous said...

Really now if she wasn't rich and famous she couldn't buy someones eggs or even conceive a baby through a surrogate. It is your dna that makes you who you are so it does matter.

Anonymous said...

Huh, interesting! I guess I must be rich and famous too, since I plan to use donor eggs to conceive ... I don't know how that has previously escaped my notice, as I slog away at my office job and go home every night to my middle-class home, but if you say so, Anonymous poster #1, I guess it's true! You seem so knowledgeable ... I guess it must be your dna that makes you a know-it-all.

Shannonleigh7 said...

To clarify to those of you who have such an opnion. To Anonymous #1- it's not buying some one's eggs,or renting a womb for 9 months, and it has nothing to do with being rich and famous. It is no different then adopting- do you think adoption is free? it's actually quite expensive. I am all for forming your family in a way that is right for you. What I was saying is I think it is wrong that people assume that she is to vain to be pregnant. Maybe she has a reason that she cannot carry her children, she could have several different uterine issues that could potenitally cause issues with carrying a child to term. Also- if she used donor eggs who cares- she is 44- do you think her eggs are as good as a 25 year old? NO! There a lot of women who use donor eggs for many different kinds of reasons, and they are not celebrites they are normal everyday people. But they want a family and donor eggs allow women to carry their child- there is also donor sperm and its used for the same reason when there is a problem with the man. I do not claim to be an expert, but don't throw rocks until you walk in the shoes of an infertile person. I have to go to great lengths financially and emotioanlly to have a family and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Get a life and get a clue! I may not be a know it all but I sure as hell know more then you!

Shannonleigh7 said...

To Anonymous #2 best of luck to you in your donor cycle- I think that is great. Again this is not about being rich and famous, this is about having a family. Your child is going to very lucky to have a brave lady as a mother.

Nomad said...

I know Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker supposedly had to go the surrogate route, but it still seems a bit awkward... from conception to birth