Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Loving the Rancic's this season!

Bill and Guiliana Rancic's third season debuted last week with a very emotional episode which walks us through their first round of IVF- in the end it was successful, but as we know sadly her pregnancy will end around 9 weeks. The second episode of this season follows the Rancic's on the quest to find the perfect "family" house in Chicago suburbs.

It was a great episode, they are just so cute together. I have to admit after watching 2 seasons of them on their show the more and more I think Bill is John's long lost brother. They are SO much a like- both Croatian, both love real estate and finance, and both are somewhat conservative.
They also both have the same taste in women- I relate so well to Guiliana- she is outgoing, energetic, loves celebrity gossip (she works for E! News and has my dream job, by the way!) and is a total shopaholic.

This episode also follows the Rancic's while they are dealing with getting their estate planning in order, forming a trust and a living will. This is all stuff that John and I did about 2 years ago, and it's hard- you have to make some tough decisions about what happens to your things, and your children in the event of your death. Bill decided this was a good time to bring up the dreaded word to Guiliana "BUDGET". Guiliana did not take it so well, she said "budget,what's that?" I was laughing so hard at this point, because that's John in a financial conversation with me, I'm like "what budget, there is no budget". Gulinana then went on to say how her new leather jacket was a necessity- I know I have said that exact sentence to John at some point. John and I were laughing so hard- and John was just shaking his head going "see I told you!"

Bill went into how it's important to save and be financially secure for your children, but Guiliana was more worried about how she looks in her new leather jacket that she is modeling for Bill. In the end she agreed to the budget, which is where I am at with then entire thing- I just fold and will give in. I know John is right, and it's all for our future- but come on how can you pass up a sale!?

Overall it was a great episode, it really hit home for me, not only with the infertility and the IVF and all that stuff, but the other "daily" stuff that happens in a marriage and all the hurdles that you have to overcome to be a successful couple in life and in your marriage. Don't forgot to tune in next Monday Style Network 8pm.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Bill and Guiliana Rancic Update

Bill and Guiliana Rancic opened up to the ladies of The View about their recent IVF. Now I have been impatiently waiting for their pregnancy announcement. Sadly, their first IVF ended in miscarriage. It is discussed in this weeks People Magazine, but you can see their heart breaking interview below. This breaks my heart, I know what they are going through and how hard of a journey infertility is. I just love them, I know they will be great parents when the time is right.