Friday, December 23, 2011

2 Year old checkup

Claire had her 2 year check up on Tuesday, hard to believe my baby is going to be two!!! I love our pediatrician- he is SO wonderful with the kids and you can tell that he loves what he does. Claire's height and weight are right about to 30%- which for her is normal, he head on the other hand is in the 65%! Which our doctor assured me is totally normal. He estimates that she will be around 5'2/5'3 as an adult, and that she will be petite. She is doing wonderful with her milestones, she has far exceed those for 24 months, and her vocabulary has just exploded- she says at least 100 words, and will repeat anything you say! This has become a problem for mommy and daddy- we have to watch everything we say now!

Just to make things difficult we have started to have issues with her ears again, her right tube fell out last month and there is some nasty fluid sitting in her eustation tube, she is acting fine, but we don't want that fluid to stay there. So after the first of the year we are headed back to the ENT for what will most likely be her second set of tubes. They were working so well, if only that right one had stayed put and not fallen out, but overall a great checkup- her health is the most important thing to us, as long as we are all healthy that is all we can ask for, I thank God everyday for blessing us with such a beautiful, wonderful, healthy child, she has truly given our lives new meaning.

Claire officially turns two tomorrow on Christmas eve, and she is nothing short of our Christmas miracle- we will celebrate her birthday by attending mass at our church then dinner with the family, then let the festivities continue on Christmas day, we have lots planned and lots of great presents for Claire I can't wait to see her face when she sees them!

Merry Christmas to all, may you all enjoy time with family and loved ones!


DARREN Winland said...

Yo know, all this "normal" value of baby's weight and height is so blured, so dont worry about it!

dentist in stoughton said...

I'm not a child doctor, but can surely say that everything is okay with your baby weight.

Chalice Lindgren said...
Having a sound relationship with your child’s pediatrician is a good thing for both you and your child. A doctor who loves what he does and is very attentive to his patients is one you can truly call a professional. I can tell that your child is in good hands =D

Chalice Lindgren