Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Claire!

Well, she's not quite 2, but we always celebrate 2 weeks before her birthday as to try to avoid the holiday rush. People seem to like taking a break from the holiday shopping to come over for dinner and celebrate with our little lovie.

This year we did a ladybug theme and it turned out really cute. I pride myself in the small details at parties, this year my wonderful sister in law made all the food, and it was wonderful. Guests also snacked on fruit kabobs and veggie cups. We also had chocolate covered antenne's (pretzel rods) and chocolate covered ladybug spots (oreos) as well as a wonderful cake from Caked Las Vegas, her white cake it to die for! I never skimp on the cake, it's the center of the party and I just can't get into the boring grocery store cakes. Claire had blast and only had one breakdown during the whole party. My mom flew in from South Carolina for the occasion and we loved having her in town, so did Claire- Nana is the center of Claire's world when she's around! Claire is loving all her presents, her favorites seem to be her hot pink Cozy Coupe car, the Aqua Doodle doodle pad, Rockin Elmo with accessories, and a baby doll complete with bottle. I think this party was actually harder for me, I am not too proud to admit that I cried when she blew out her candles, she is getting so big so fast, it's amazing!

We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family who love Claire so much, without them we couldn't have great parties, and we love to throw a good party! I will admit it's a bit of a let down I plan these parties months and months in advance so now to have it behind me is depressing. Although I already have next years theme and lots of ideas already in my head!